Decorate your home with these beautiful photographic posters printed on premium paper. Photography can instantly create a personal and eye-catching look!


Decorate your home with these beautiful photographic posters printed on premium paper. Photography can instantly create a personal and eye-catching look!

Trendy & Modern Photographic Art Prints

Welcome to our range of top quality, inspiring photographic posters, prints and art. Photography is a timeless but trendy way to decorate most homes and spaces. Interest in beautiful, professional photographs has skyrocketed in recent years, making them an essential part of bold, trendy interior design season after season.


Maybe what makes photographic posters so popular is the huge variety of images and visual effects available. Or maybe it's because, with photography, it’s so easy to create exactly the feeling and mood you want? With posters like these,  it is just so simple to make your space more personal and vibrant, but also modern and eye-catching.


Whether you’re looking for something to go above the chest of drawers in the hallway, or to combine several prints in a nice picture wall above the sofa in the living room, you’re guaranteed to find the right image in our wide and carefully selected range.



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While the term “fine art” once referred exclusively to oil paintings and watercolours, now, the photograph is also considered fine art. Today, photography can be found in both art galleries and homes, and with us at Posterton you can choose from posters with images by both famous and lesser-known photographers.


What that means for you is that you can create a combination of images that represent who you are and what you stand for with ease. Choose from everything from photographs of beautiful nature or images of interesting architecture from cities around the world to photos of people, animals or objects. Photographic posters offer incredible possibilities for decoration and interior design, and they look just as good in the office as they do at home in the bedroom, living room or kitchen.


Thanks to photography’s great diversity in terms of style, colour and presentation, it’s easy to create either exciting contrasts or, if you choose pictures with similar subjects or by the same artist, a consistent theme.


At Posterton, you’ll find a huge selection of photographs in a single place, from classic black and white to modern and colourful! Black and white posters make for a slightly more understated and stylish interior, while those with a lot of colour evoke creativity and turn heads in any room. Why not mix the two styles for a unique and elegant look?

It’s important to us that we offer exclusive photography that inspires both visually and emotionally. For that reason, we select all of our images with care, and use high-quality paper with an exquisite finish to make all the details and colours jump off the wall as much as possible.


Choose the poster that best suits your space, with options in sizes as small as 13x18 cm and as large as 70x100 cm. Large black and white photographs are great when you want to bring the wall to life in a bold way, while smaller images are ideal for placing above a chest of drawers or bookshelf, or as part of a personalised photo wall. Show us who you are by ordering photographs from around the world from us at Posterton. The only limit is your own imagination!