Are you looking for a way to beautify your walls? Check out our collection of great posters and prints! Our posters are always updated according to the latest trends, so you can find the perfect design for your home. In addition, our exclusive designs give your walls a unique touch. So why not upgrade your interior with trendy posters from Posterton?


Are you looking for a way to beautify your walls? Check out our collection of great posters and prints! Our posters are always updated according to the latest trends, so you can find the perfect design for your home. In addition, our exclusive designs give your walls a unique touch. So why not upgrade your interior with trendy posters from Posterton?

Buy high quality prints and poster online


Prints and posters have really become popular in recent years. A lot probably has to do with the breadth and quality that today's posters actually hold. At Posterton, for example, we have put a lot of emphasis on finding the right type of paper for printing.


When you buy posters online from us, you get premium paper of the absolute best quality at home. We have been very careful in choosing the particular paper because we want to ensure that the image quality is optimal. As well as that the print lasts for a long time. The type of quality paper we use is, among other things, age resistant, which means that you can enjoy the same beautiful painting or picture for many years without any problems.

Get inspired & find the right motives for your wall prints


The question is of course, which motif should you choose? Many people are attracted to the Scandinavian, minimalist and bright. Others want something more impactful and vibrant on their walls. Luckily, there's something for everyone. We offer all sorts of categories for our images, including nature and animal posters, graphic prints, photographic posters from leading photographers and cartoon motifs.  Here you'll find a wide range of posters and paintings online.


Our posters come from a variety of designers. This results in a wide variety of motifs and feel. Best of all? It's incredibly easy to replace your posters after a period of use.


For example, would you like to create a change between the summer and winter seasons? Then you can simply roll up the poster and store it in our cardboard tubes that you receive upon delivery. Not sure how to choose one or a few designs from our full range of posters? There are different ways to think about it, including selecting a poster based on your personal decorating style.


If you have a very Scandinavian interior with lots of light woods and white walls, it might be nice to match with motifs such as reeds, graphic prints in beige tones or sketched motifs in black and white.

Large selection of photo prints for all rooms


Here at Posterton you can easily find suitable posters based on the room you are decorating. Maybe you're looking for posters for the kitchen? If so, we offer a range of different kitchen poster designs that can all fit in your kitchen. For example, we have posters with stylish graphic images of spices, coffee pots and the like. Decorating the little one's room? Then a sturdy board with the alphabet might be appropriate. We also have lots of posters with cute animals and cartoon characters - perfect for the kids' room. 


Time to update your living room? Posters are an inexpensive and easy way to create a more personal and cosy feel at home. Whether you have a minimalist interior with a few pieces of furniture from selected designers, or an eclectic and sprawling style that mixes high and low, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for in our wide range. For those with a thirst for ideas, we've created inspiration guides on how to freshen up your walls in the living room and other rooms. 


While you're at it, why not take the opportunity to redecorate your bedroom, bathroom and hallway too? Using the menu on the left, you can easily find posters according to the room you want to decorate.

Buy timeless art prints online


The paintings of Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Monet are priceless masterpieces and hang in the world's finest museums. Thankfully, you can enjoy them at home by buying a print of your favourite artist. At Posterton you can choose from a wide selection of works of art by the greatest artists, at a better price than at auction houses. Discover the colourful and quirky expression of abstract artists like Hilma af Klint and Kandinsky, or go for something more traditional like Monet's paintings of water lilies, haystacks and gardens. There's something for everyone who loves great art in our range. 


In addition to our categories of famous artists, you can also sort posters by art style. Here, famous artworks are mixed with stylish illustrations, line art, paintings and graphic posters from contemporary designers and artists.

Posters and wall art prints for all interior styles


Our posters can add a very varied touch to the atmosphere of your home. In other words, with our posters you can easily create a holiday-like and relaxing feeling, but also an invigorating and creative environment. Dare to combine and mix several styles in the same picture wall, or run stylishly with similar colours and expressions.


Need more inspiration before you decide? In our blog, we've collected lots of tips, ideas and guides on how to decorate with paintings, posters and stylish frames. Also follow us on instagram for more tips and news.

Filter prints online by colour and format


Colour matching is perhaps the simplest but also the most stylish decorating trick. Vary between shades, highlighting accents and contrasts that together create a truly unique look. To save you the hassle of searching through our entire range of posters, we've created categories based on colour. In addition to classic green, blue, red and yellow posters, you'll also find black and white, colourful, pastel, gold posters, and much more.


Of course, you can also get posters based on size and format. The vast majority of designs can be ordered in sizes ranging from 13x18 cm up to 50x70 cm. For those who prefer an intermediate size, we can offer posters in 21x30 (A4) and 30x40 cm formats. The wide range of sizes means you can easily compose a wall of pictures with exactly the photographs and paintings you want - in the order you want them.

Buy nice frames, picture frames or a photo frame online


By framing your posters in our different types of frames, you can also add an extra touch to your interior. Our frames are not only stylish, they're cheap too. Browse through several designs and materials, such as frames in untreated oak, black and white wood, and frames in metals like gold, silver and copper.


Whatever poster you want to buy online, there's a suitable frame in a design you like. Maybe you'll settle on a frame first? If so, just filter posters by size. At Posterton we also have ready-made picture wall packs with frames in different sizes.

Order posters and prints online - fast delivery


At Posterton we can always offer fast and secure delivery. We usually print and ship your poster the day after you place your order. As we are based in Sweden, in most cases you will not have to wait longer than 2-3 working days for delivery.


Should you not be satisfied with your items, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal. We at Posterton work with quick returns so you can change to a poster or frame you like better. Read our general terms and conditions of purchase and shipping here. You are also welcome to contact our customer service team with questions about everything from price and product, to orders, delivery and complaints. Fill in our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.