Invite the outside in by decorating the walls of your home with pictures of beautiful buildings and exciting architecture.


Invite the outside in by decorating the walls of your home with pictures of beautiful buildings and exciting architecture.

People have loved capturing images of buildings since ancient times, be it in hand-painted works of art or photographs. Architecture is an art form that combines function, form and beauty, and therefore works perfectly in poster format. There’s just something about the shapes and lines of buildings that creates a feeling of order that appeals to us and makes us want to decorate our walls with posters of high-rise towers, narrow alleyways, dome-shaped roofs, and magnificent bridges. Posters with architectural motifs bring a feeling of life and movement to the home, and can create a wonderful contrast to the calm atmosphere of white painted walls. They’re masterpieces that add an elegant touch to your home or workplace, and look just as good on their own as they do in a group on a creative picture wall. Match architectural posters with fashion posters, typography, or photography for a modern look, or with natural images, abstract pieces and your own family shots for a softer, more personal feel.



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Maybe you’ll find an image from your favourite city in our range of architectural posters. Or perhaps among the pictures of streets, squares, buildings and terraces you’ll discover a whole new place you’d like to visit! Choose several motifs from a single city for a unified look, or select a variety of posters from each of your favourite places. With pictures of both buildings and historic sites, it’s easy to create a personal look at home or in the workplace, which means that your interior design can show the world who you are. Architecture's appealing combination of colours, patterns, and lines, and the raw beauty of construction materials such as brick, steel, and concrete mean that architectural posters are guaranteed to turn heads in the room and make your guests want to step right into the picture.


When you’re ready to decorate your home with architectural posters, you can choose from a range of images of symmetrical buildings, dreamy castles and other famous landmarks in some of the world's favourite cities, or you can go for something more detailed and accessible, such as an image of a staircase, a sunlit window, or a magnificent balcony. Take a closer look at our inspiring and carefully selected range and select your new favourites. They’ll look just as good in the bedroom or living room as they will in the hallway or office. Whether you want to recreate the hustle and bustle of city life with prints of high-rise buildings and densely populated streets, or give the space an enchanting, peaceful feel with images of beautiful light or fantastic views, you’re guaranteed to find the right poster with us at Posterton. We have architectural posters in both timeless black and white and exciting colour schemes, and we select all our posters with great care to offer as high-quality and appealing a selection as possible. Choose your favourites, and then complete them with a suitable frame in white, black, gold, silver or wood to make the picture pop. Find all your favourite architectural posters under one roof here with us at Posterton!