Insects and animals

Here you’ll find all our stylish posters, prints and art with beautiful images of animals.


Here you’ll find all our stylish posters, prints and art with beautiful images of animals.

Insects and Animal Art prints

In our wide and diverse range, you’ll find everything from simple illustrations and beautiful photographs to interesting abstract interpretations of different animals. Animal motifs add a stylish but playful touch to any space, whether you can’t get enough of cute, fluffy animals or just think they look good. Why not use posters and prints of Nordic animals to create an eye-catching picture wall inspired by Swedish nature? The dark green, gray and blue tones of images of bears, reindeer and lynxes will make your living room or bedroom feel like a majestic forest. Or why not invite Africa into your home by hanging posters of animals from the savannah? The perfect way to create an interesting and exotic look!


Animal posters are not only beautiful and trendy, but also an interesting and inspiring choice. So they’re a great option when the little ones start showing an interest in animals and all their fun sounds. Decorate the walls of their room with nice pictures of cats, dogs, horses and elephants and encourage them to learn in a playful way. With us at Posterton, you’ll find animal posters that are realistic, such as photographs, and others that are a little more imaginative and abstract, so you can create the right atmosphere with ease. All posters and prints are carefully selected to suit most personalities and interior design styles, and they're printed on high quality paper to make both the colours and the details stand out as much as possible.


In our animal range, you’ll find a huge selection of posters, prints and art depicting both animals and insects, for all rooms in the house! Some are simple and clean in black and white, while others burst with natural colour and lots of interesting details. They work just as well standing alone on a chest of drawers or bookshelf as they do combined with other favourite prints on a picture wall.



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Or why not order your favourite in our largest size and let it turn heads over the bed in the bedroom or the table in the kitchen? Alternatively, use it to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere in the study or at the office! With stylish animal posters, it’s easy to create an interesting and creative space, and thanks to the diversity of our range, you can find something to match your own taste and interior design style.


Decorate with a poster of your favorite animal! With Posterton, placing an order is quick and easy, and we constantly update our range with gorgeous new prints, so you can always follow the latest trends and have a stylish home.