Black wood frames

Posterton offers stylish and robust black wooden frames that turn your posters and prints into beautiful finished pieces.


Posterton offers stylish and robust black wooden frames that turn your posters and prints into beautiful finished pieces.

Wood is a classic choice of material when decorating a space, and black looks good in all spaces. So frame your posters, prints and art with black wooden frames from our range. Create your own style in your home with a picture wall full of lots of different images, all framed in black wooden frames for a consistent look. Our robust, matt effect frames draw focus to the image in an understated, stylish way,  and turn heads by contrasting boldly with a pale wall. We have something for all tastes, and both follow the latest trends and celebrate more traditional interior design, with solid wooden furniture and several wooden accessories. Our black wooden frames are available in a range of sizes so that you can find the right ones for your posters and prints with ease, and you can hang all of them both vertically and horizontally. Whether you pair these frames with a beautiful black and white photograph or a colourful abstract illustration, it’s bound to be the right choice.

Browse our collections to find the poster or print that best suits the room you’re decorating. Then go for a black frame for an undeniably effective way of emphasising the subject, be it text, an illustration, a photograph, or a painting, and conveying a powerful message. Black wooden frames of course look good with black and white images, but they look just as attractive as a nice contrast with the bold colours of an abstract piece. When making your picture wall in which you combine different styles and trends, the only limit is your own imagination. A black frame gives timeless quotes weight, but wood is a discreet and subtle material that won’t outshine the piece and drown out its message.

Posterton has a wide range of posters and prints that pair beautifully with our black wooden frames. We offer high-quality products that are designed to be durable so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Also, our frames are easy to handle, and you can replace the posters and prints inside them with ease. By mixing and matching frames in different sizes, you can create dynamic geometric patterns that appeal to and captivate the viewer. Give your house a homely feel by combining different pieces to make a picture wall says something about you. Take your creativity and our black wooden frames for a spin trying different arrangements of  your posters and prints until you find a style that you love and is completely yours.