Black metal frames

At Posterton, you can find black metal frames that contrast nicely with light wallpaper.


At Posterton, you can find black metal frames that contrast nicely with light wallpaper.

Once you’ve chosen your poster or print, frame it with a black metal frame to make it sit perfectly in your classic Nordic home. Framing a white image in black draws focus to the picture or text, while framing a more colourful print with the same creates a nice border against pale wallpaper. Guided by their sense of design and style, our product developers have created these frames in order to give your home an exclusive look and you the opportunity to design a classic picture wall that really elevates the space. We care about quality, and in our range of black metal frames, you can choose from a number of dimensions and sizes, in order that you have the right frame for your prints.

Posterton leaves nothing to chance, offering products that are both durable and carefully selected to suit a variety of different tastes and styles. A frame can contribute to a stylish look and bring out the message in a piece in an organic but bold way. We have everything you need to decorate your home with the poster and frame pairing that you feel fits the space. You can’t go wrong with a black metal frame, as it is a classic addition to both modern and traditional homes, especially if you choose a black and white poster or print. Also, thanks to the shine and robustness of the material, metal gives an impression of exclusivity.

At Posterton, you’ll find black metal frames that have been carefully designed to meet customers’ desires and match our range of posters, prints and art. A black frame never disappoints, and looks great whatever the colour of the walls or wallpaper. Choose prints that say something about who you are and hang them in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, with different themes in different rooms, to let them reflect your personality. We celebrate diversity and want to make it easy for everyone to put their own unique stamp on their home by hanging high quality prints with beautiful images. By combining pieces in landscape and portrait, you can create a wonderful dynamism that’s both good-looking and homely. Black metal frames give your home decor a real boost, and come into their own when shown off to your guests.