AnnMarie Erngren Collection.

AnnMarie Erngren was born and raised in Muskö, Sweden. Since she was surrounded by nature and harbour, this served as a great inspiration for her art. Today, she lives in Nynäshamn. This beautiful archipelago town is about five kilometres from her hometown and serves somewhat as a "substitute" for the island and at the same time as a connection between her love for the archipelago and the small town life.

AnnMarie has extensive background knowledge through her education in graphic design at the Mariahissens Grafikskola and the Berghs School of Communication as well as through various art exhibitions, for example at the Liljevalch Vårsalong, the Upplands Väsby art gallery and the Galleri Katarina in Stockholm. Her art has already left traces in the form of posters, cards, napkins, textiles and trays.

AnnMarie proves that there are many media that can be used artistically: "I used to be stricter. I limited myself to only one medium per painting. Nowadays I mix without restraint as long as the media technically fit together. I draw my motifs from the past, the present and the future. Politics, society, emotions, childhood experiences - anything that seems important to illustrate in my own way! Watercolours are exciting because of the different temperaments of the pigments. Mixed with lots of water, the pigments come alive and surprise the painter. I use colours to tell a story and hopefully set both my and the viewer's imagination in motion. But when I give colour to words and paper, this doesn't mean the interpretation is complete, just because my painting is. Now it's up to each individual to find something that moves them or not. To think or not to think."


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